Silica Gel Sachets

Prevent moisture damage and corrosion with silica gel sachets. From 1 Gram Sachets up to 500 Gram Extra Large Packets. For absorbing water and moisture in products. Bulk quantities available. 

We recommend 5 grams for every ft² of volume / 170 grams per m² of volume. 

Each pouch contains desiccant which can adsorb up to a third of its weight in water vapour. Although some desiccants are chemically inert, others are extremely reactive and require specialised handling techniques. The most common desiccant is silica, an otherwise inert, nontoxic, water-insoluble white solid. The sachet is made from Tyvek which allows efficient transfer of moisture into the desiccant. Desiccant sachets have found widespread use in the food, pharmaceuticals, packing, electronics and many manufacturing industries.