Cellophane Wrap Rolls

Cellophane Wrap for all Florist and Craft Uses. Choose from plain cellophane, dot cellophane, Christmas Cellophane or tinted cellophane. Also supplied as cellophane sheets. All cellophane wrap designs are 35-micron florist grade thickness. Extensive range of both clear and decorative cellophane wrap. For bulk wholesale quantities of cellophane gift wrapping please use the contact form for a quote. 

Cellophane hamper wrap film has unlimited uses such as wrapping gifts at Christmas, cellophane hamper wrapping, basket wrapping, gift-wrapping or flower bouquet wrap. Great for floristry use including bouquet wrapping and decoration. View our cellophane wholesale deals and patterned cellophane wrap. Cellophane sheets are the perfect choice when using cellophane for hampers and wrapping.