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Deco Mesh for Wreath Making and Christmas Decorations

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Deco Mesh is used for wreaths and is a great alternative to traditional foliage-based Christmas Wreaths. Poly Net material is available in a range of colours to make any Christmas wreath stand out. Deco Poly Mesh is a versatile material for crafting, decorating and wrapping. It's inexpensive, reusable, and it's weather-resistant. Deco mesh can be used to make wreaths, floral decorations, wedding decorations and garlands. Deco Mesh is a plastic-coated waterproof fabric designed for indoor and outdoor use. Deco Mesh can be used in place of ribbon on Christmas Trees and Home Decorations. 

What's great about deco mesh is it's not just used for decorating Christmas wreaths, you can create your own unique bows and to wrap hampers and gifts. We supply a huge range of deco mesh products in 6 inch, 10 inch and 21 inch. Look out for our bulk pricing tables.

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