Florist Foam

The foundation of most flower arrangements. Wet Floral Foam features quick saturation and low drainage. Bricks and cylinders can be easily cut to shape. Trust that your flowers are secure when positioned. Simply soak the florist foam in water. This will be enough to sustain your floral arrangement, keeping it fresh and vibrant for any event. Foam is a dense, lightweight and porous material that can be cut into virtually any shape. Easy to soak with excellent water retention properties. Floral foam must be pre-soaked in water so it completely absorbs the water before any flower stems are inserted. Wet foam is not as compact or dense as dry foam, because the wet foam must have open space for water. The absorbed water in wet foam adds a significant amount of weight to keep the foam in place. View our large range of Florist Foam, including Foam Wreath Rings, Posy Pads, Heart Shapes, Bricks and Cylinders.