Christmas Wreath Making Supplies decorations, deco mesh, Dried Fruit and Pine Cones. Deco Mesh in 6 inch and 10 inch Fabric - Poly Net material replaces the traditional wreath foliage design, with bright coloured Mesh which can be mixed with other colours to create unique designs. Christmas Ribbon, Florist Ribbon and Wired Ribbon for Christmas Trees.

Hamper Wrapping Kits - Each kit includes a large Gift Bow and a Sheet of Cellophane. The bow measures 7 inches when formed, and is available in 31 colours. 

Christmas Scents and Dried Fruit Wreath Making - We have a range of small and large quantities. Our large Dried Fruit range includes Dried Whole Oranges, Dried Orange Slices, Red Apple Slices, Green Apple Slices, Mixed Selection Bags, Dried Chillis and Multipacks.

In our Florist category, we supply a range of products for Christmas Floral and wreath Arrangements. A selection of Candle Holders, Trays, Bowls, Dishes, Foam Brick for Flowers, Floral Tapes, Twines and Fabric.