Wholesale 25g Silica Gel Sachets (Box of 500 Sachets)

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silica gel sachets packets

Wholesale 25g Silica Gel Sachets (Box of 500 Sachets)

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Silica Gel Sachets - 25g Sachets

Low price per sachet

Individual Sachet Size: 25 Gram

Wholesale Price - Box of 500 Sachets

Cotton Packets Of Silica Gel Desiccant Moisture proof. Ensure your package is as airtight as possible for the best performance.
Removes humidity in sealed packages preventing corrosion, condensation, damp, mould etc.
We recommend approx 5 gram of silica gel for every cubic foot of package:
  • 5 grams for every ft² of volume 
  • 170 grams per m² of volume

Each pouch contains desiccant which can adsorb up to a third of its weight in water vapour. The sachet is made from Tyvek which allows efficient transfer of moisture into the desiccant.  

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