Dark Green Florist Stem Tape

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  • Product Description

    Dark Green Florist Stem Tape

    • Floral Stem Tape
    • Available in 4 Colours.
    • Each roll measures 90ft x 12mm. A strong and stretchable material.
    • Thin paper stem binding tape. 
    • Easy to tear, simply pull the tape taut around the stems and the tape will self-seal. 
    • No adhesives or glues required.

    Stem tape isn't sticky to the touch. Simply pull the tape taut to stretch the adhesive coating and the tape sticks to itself. Ideal for corsages, buttonholes, bouquet work and covering wires. Thin paper tape to wrap around either a dried flower stem or to create a more natural look to wired stems.

  • Ideas and Guides

    Florist stem tape is a type of tape specifically designed for use in floral arrangements and crafts. It is used to secure and support stems, leaves, and other floral materials, providing stability and enhancing the overall appearance of the arrangement.

    Here are some key features and uses of florist stem tape:

    • Florist stem tape is typically made of a thin, stretchable material, such as crepe paper or a synthetic material like polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is sticky on both sides and often comes in green or brown colors to blend with the natural colours of stems and foliage.

    • One of the primary purposes of stem tape is to reinforce and strengthen flower stems. By wrapping the tape around a stem, it adds support, prevents bending or drooping, and helps the flowers stay in place.

    • Florist stem tape also serves an aesthetic purpose. Its green, white or brown colour allows it to blend seamlessly with the stems and foliage, creating a more polished and professional appearance. It can hide wires or other mechanics used in floral arrangements.

    • Stem tape is commonly used in conjunction with floral wire or other supporting materials. It helps secure wires to the stems and keeps them in place. It can also be used to bind multiple stems together, creating a larger cluster or bouquet.

    • Florist stem tape is not limited to floral arrangements. It is also popular in various craft projects like making artificial flowers, corsages, boutonnieres, and wreaths. It provides a flexible and reliable method for attaching and shaping various materials.

    To use florist stem tape, simply start at the base of the stem and wrap the tape tightly around the stem, gradually moving upward. Stretch the tape slightly as you wrap it to activate the adhesive properties. Cut or tear the tape at the desired length once you reach the top. The tape will stick to itself, securing the stem and any additional materials.

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