Which Florist Wire and Floristry Tapes to Use

Which Florist Wire and Floristry Tapes to Use

Florist wire comes in a large range of thicknesses, gauges and finishes. All of these products are available on our inerra.co.uk website.

Choosing the right floral wire for your needs can be a difficult task. With so many different types of wires available, it is important to understand the differences between them and select the one that best suits your project. In this article, we will discuss the various types of floral wire and how to choose the right one for your needs. By understanding these factors, you can make sure that you are choosing the best type of floral wire for your project

Types of Florist Wires & Their Uses

Florist wires are an essential tool for florists and flower arrangers. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, each with its own unique purpose. From thin and delicate wires for delicate flowers to thick and sturdy wires for heavier bouquets, florist wires can be used to create stunning floral arrangements. In this article, we will discuss the different types of florist wires available on the market today as well as their various uses.

2mm florist aluminium wire

Understanding Gauge & Colour Variations in Florist Wires

Florist wires are an essential part of any florist's toolkit, allowing them to create beautiful flower arrangements with ease. However, it can be difficult to understand the various gauge and colour variations available in the market. This article will help readers understand the different types of gauges and colours available in florist wires, as well as how to select the right type for their needs. We will also discuss some common use cases for each type of florist wire and provide tips for using them correctly. By the end of this article, readers will have a better understanding of gauge and colour variations in florist wires and be able to make informed decisions when selecting them for their projects.

selection of florist tools and sundries

Floral Stem Tape – A Must-Have Material for Enhancing Flower Arrangements

Floral tape is a must-have material for any flower enthusiast who wants to take their flower arrangements to the next level. It can be used to bind stems together and create intricate designs, which will make your flowers look even more beautiful and eye-catching. Floral tape is also great for wrapping around vases or other containers that you use for your arrangements, giving them an extra layer of protection from water damage. With its versatility and ease of use, floral tape is a great tool for anyone looking to enhance their flower arrangements. Stem Tape is available in green, brown and white.

What is Binding Wire?

Annealed binding wire is made of galvanised and plastic-coated stainless steel wire. It offers good ductility and high strength. Can be easily tied into a knot and bent. In the florist industry, binding wire is typically used for attaching moss to wreath frame rings before decorating. Ideal for general wiring work, mossing and stem extensions. Annealed binding wire has uses not only in floristry, but in arts, crafts and memorial tributes, including creating funeral tributes with floral foam.

florist bind wire bindwire wreath

What is Aluminium Florist Wire?

You can use aluminium wire for DIY arts and crafts making projects, making mock-up frames, jewellery and embellishments making. Suitable for making twirls, circles or hearts in valentines flower arrangements. Available in a wide range of colours, aluminium wire can create any unique shape. It’s lightweight, strong and easy to shape as it’s manufactured from flexible aluminum instead of aluminum alloy. We recommend using floral secateurs to cut this wire. Aluminium wire is great for adding accents to flower arrangements.

craft florist wire green aluminium shapes

What Is Stub Wire?

Green Stub wire features a lacquered finish and is available in a variety of gauges and lengths. Perfect for any floral and craft application, stub wire is easily hand bent

30 gauge - for inserting into fine, small leaves.

28 gauge - for small lightweight flowers

22 gauge - For general flower use

20 gauge - For larger flowers that need the support of a stronger wire

18 gauge - To hold heavier flowers such as fully grown roses.

You will require wire cutters or snips to cut stub wire. To make your stub wire even stronger, they can be taped together using stem tape. The same applies if you only have thin stub wire and require a thicker wire. Stub wire is also commonly used in wreath making.

florist wreath stub wire

What Is Stem Tape?

Stem Tape is a paper tape with its own adhesive. Once you pull the tape taut and stretched it around the flower stem, it adheres to itself leaving a clean and tidy finish. Stem tape is available in Brown, Light Green, Dark Green and white. Stem tape gives a realistic finish and is great for taping stems together when making a spray. 

Starting at the top of the stem, wind the stem tape around to attach to itself. You can then wind the tape down the stem, this is easiest done by rotating the flower stems, keeping the tape taut. You don’t need to wrap the stem tape right down to the base of the stems.

florist stem tape

What is Pot Tape?

Pot tape is an essential florist item. Pot tape is used in the florist industry to bind floral foam to a container. It’s strong and waterproof making it easy to build a display. Available in a variety of width rolls. Easily secure your floral foam to bowls, pots and containers to give a sturdy base to your flower and bouquet arrangements. Pot tape is available in a range of widths.

florist pot tape

What is Jute Twine?

Jute Mossing Twine is available in Green or Natural. Its suitable for all florist and garden use. Can be used in wreath making and is an essential twine for any gardener. Biodegradable and strong twine to accessorise rustic designs and to tie eco-friendly bouquets. Ideal for binding moss to wire frame rings, twine is easy and convenient to use. Typical uses include binding stems, securing plants and shrubs.

jute mossing twine string

What is Paper Coated Bindwire?

Paper bindwire is suitable for tying hand-tied bouquets and for use in Wreath Making at Christmas. Available in a choice of green or natural colours in large 200m rolls. Binds hand-tied bouquets easily and great value per metre. Can also be used in all craft and garden uses. Features an internal 0.5mm wire, it's great for hanging door wreaths as the internal wire is covered. Great for creating a rustic look, the texture of the wire given a woven look. It may not be suitable for heavy flower heads. You can also tie a  Christmas Garland with fresh foliage to hold the stems tightly.

paper coated bindwire bind wire

If using any type of florist wire to create shapes for birthday cakes, it's important not to insert any florist wire directly into the cake.

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