A Guide to Memorial Grave Vases

A Guide to Memorial Grave Vases

Memorial Grave Vases are available in a wide range of designs to complete the overall look of a headstone or memorial. 

We've compiled a list of the various grave vases available and considerations to take when choosing your memorial vase. This is a comprehensive guide, and some of the products shown below can be found in our grave vase category. (For choosing materials scroll to the bottom)

Without a grave vase for holding flowers, visitors usually have to lay flowers on the grave, and the flowers would wilt far quicker without access to water.  When making grave flower arrangements, people and visitors often add more than one vase to their memorial. You will want your flower holders to be durable and withstand the outdoor weather. 

Grave Vase Flower Holder Inserts

Primarily used to fit into a marble or stone outer, grave inserts are available in plastic and aluminium and are fully hidden from view, leaving only the lid on show. You will need to find out the diameter and depth of the hole that the insert will be placed in. Plastic and metal inserts are available with a variety of lid colours. 

As the insert is held in place inside the headstone, there is usually no need to weigh them down to protect them from tipping over in high winds. If the insert is going to be a freestanding pot, you can fill up the insert with stones and water to help hold it in place. We supply grave vase inserts in both plastic and aluminium. 

grave vase insert

Plastic inserts are the lower-priced option and are available with a gold, silver and black lid. These are manufactured in the UK using up to 100% recycled plastic. To keep the flower stems in place at the bottom of the insert, you can use a floral foam cylinder or a piece of styrofoam filler. 

This will secure the flowers in place and prevent the flower stems from being picked up and blown away in high winds.

There are certain benefits to choosing silk flowers rather than fresh flowers, and more options to keep them from blowing away. Please bear in mind that not all cemeteries allow silk flowers. You can make your own DIY floral insert weights using just sand and pebbles. Plastic Inserts will generally last for around 4-6 years before needing to be replaced. 

Grave Vase Spikes

Grave flower holder spikes have certain benefits over using an insert. Firstly, you don't need a headstone to secure the insert in place. They can easily be secured into the ground. They are an economical option for holding flowers not just in cemeteries, but in memorial gardens, parks and beside memorial benches. 

You will still need a filler to place in the bottom of the spike. Also known as cone vases, there is a stake at the bottom which allows the spike to be placed into the ground next to the headstone.

grave spike

Flower stems can be easily be picked up by the wind due to the large opening at the top of the spike. We recommend a tightly fitting piece of styrofoam or polystyrene and then inserting the stems into the foam. You can also use floral foam, but this will deteriorate quicker and will need to be regularly replaced. 

You can also use floral wires or floral tapes to anchor the arrangement in place.

Freestanding Grave Vases

Grave vase bases are a freestanding option when you don't have a headstone to fit an insert in. They feature an octagonal design, which is weighted to withstand the weather. They can also easily be personalised with messages on the side of the vase. The bases feature an insert that can be used as a water reservoir. 

You can also add extra weights inside the base such as pebbles or bags of sand to add extra security as they feature a hollow section. You can purchase memorial bases in our memorial category with pre-printed text. If you require a different material for a freestanding base, we also supply globe grave vases that are made from aluminium.

grave vase

Regardless of whether you're creating a permanent or temporary flower arrangement that can be changed with the season, you should be considerate and not interfere with the rules of the cemetery and not interfere with other headstones. For example, stay away from glass vases or glass decorations as they can shatter.

If the cemetery doesn't have rules regarding attaching items to a headstone, you can mount a flower pot holder to the side of the permanent stone or marble headstone. These are also available with adhesive so can be easily attached to an upright headstone.

Flat headstones with built-in vases are often made from stone or marble, and feature slots for inserting a grave pot or grave vase spike. They are also available in granite and can be easily personalised with metal plaques.


Plastic: Often the most economical type of material available, plastic will not rust and is easily replaced. The plastic will generally last for 4-6 years before needing to be replaced. They are also the least likely to be stolen.

Granite: A popular scratch-resistant material that will withstand all weather conditions. Granite is a strong and durable natural material that's easily cleaned. It's more prone to cracking and can be porous. The irregular veins of granite mean that no two pieces are the same. If in direct sunlight or heat, granite will do much better than most other materials. We recommend confirming that your granite piece has been sealed upon purchase.

Metal: Aluminium is the most abundant metal available. It's relatively soft and lightweight but expensive compared to other types of steel. It will withstand the weather but coloured lids may fade over time. Metal grave flower pots are an important part of cemetery decoration, as they can provide a unique and lasting tribute to a loved one. There are many different types of metals that can be used to make these metal flower pots, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages. From steel to aluminum to copper, there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing the perfect metal grave flower pot.

metal gave pot

Choosing the right colour and design for a metal grave flower pot can be a difficult decision. It is important to take into consideration the type of flowers that will be planted in the pot, as well as the overall aesthetics of the cemetery. With this in mind, there are several tips and ideas that can help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a metal grave flower pot. Here are some things to consider when choosing colors and designs for your metal grave flower pot:

1. Consider the type of flowers that will be planted in your metal grave flower pot. Different colors and designs may work better with certain types of plants or flowers.

2. Think about how you want your metal grave flower pot to look when placed at a cemetery or memorial site. You should choose colours and designs that will complement both the environment and other decorations around it.

3. Pay attention to details such as size, shape, material, finish, etc.

Marble: Because of the veining of the marble, each piece is unique. It's an extremely heavy material that is more affordable than other natural stones. The marble white colour cannot be matched by any granite. On polishing, marble can give a mirror finish as it's crystal. Marble is a soft natural stone that is vulnerable to nicks, scratches and cracks.

Grave Pots with Flowers

There are a large range of grave flower pots available with included artificial flowers. 

Our current range of artificial flowers with pots include Chrysanthemums, Roses, Daises, Rosebuds, Lillies and Mixed Bunches

grave pot with artificial flowers

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