3cm Mossing Pins - 250g

german mossing pinsgerman mossing pins

3cm Mossing Pins - 250g

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  • Product Description

    3cm Mossing Pins / Mossing Pegs

    A strong metal U-shaped pin for applying various moss and sisal to bases. Works well when attaching large quantities of moss to a floral foam base.  Also known as German Mossing Pins or Mossing Pegs. Size 3cm x 1cm. Can also be used for Christmas Wreath work. A quick and easy way to pin moss and sisal onto floral foam rather than shaping wire.

    250g = Approx 370 Pins

  • Ideas and Guides

    Florist mossing pins are a type of pin used in floral arrangements and wreaths to secure moss or other natural materials to a base. These pins are usually made of metal, with a pointed end and a flat head. They come in various lengths and gauges, depending on the thickness of the materials being secured.

    Some common uses for florist mossing pins include:

    • Securing moss or other natural materials to a wreath form or floral foam.
    • Holding flowers or foliage in place on a floral arrangement or bouquet.
    • Attaching decorative elements, such as ribbons or ornaments, to a wreath or arrangement.

    To use florist mossing pins, simply push the pointed end of the pin through the material you want to secure and into the base. The flat head of the pin will hold the material in place. You can use multiple pins to ensure the material is securely attached.

    When working with florist mossing pins, it's important to be careful not to prick yourself with the sharp end. It's also a good idea to use the appropriate length and gauge of pin for the materials you are working with, as using a pin that is too short or thin may not hold the material securely in place.

    Overall, florist mossing pins are a versatile and useful tool for florists and DIY enthusiasts alike, making it easy to create beautiful and long-lasting floral arrangements and wreaths.

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