Tulle Fabric

tulle netting tutu fabric

Tulle Fabric Rolls

Often used in underskirts or petticoats to create a belled shape. Tulle is a lightweight, mesh-like woven fabric made from nylon.

A fine netting, most commonly used in garments. Tulle is used as an accent, to create a floating look. Frequently used to wrap party favors and in gift wrapping. Use for weddings and baby showers. Scraps of tulle netting are sometimes used in quilting and crafts, to add texture. Decorate indoors or out with this elegant and versatile sheer nylon fabric. Tulle fabric can be doubled and redoubled on itself for volume.  100% Nylon. Beautifully woven premium tulle that is perfect for weddings, ballet tutus, birthdays and baby showers. This premium tulle is the perfect decoration fabric for wedding, party and special occasions. Strong hexagonal design which tends not to twist or fall out of shape.

Available in a range of colours - each roll measures 6 inches x 75 Feet - (15cm x 22.8 Metres)