Silver Dot Cellophane and Bow Packs

Hamper Wrapping Cellophane and Bow Kits

Silver Dot Cellophane Wrap with a choice of 29 Coloured Bows - the perfect item for Baby Showers and Gift Wrapping

Add the finishing touch to your gifts or hampers with a Hamper Wrapping Kit. Suitable for Christmas Hamper Wrap, Gift Wrapping and Basket Decorations. Each pack consists of Hamper Cellophane Wrap and a large Bow. Thick and durable 35-micron Christmas printed cellophane for hampers. Hamper Wrapping kits are also the perfect product for wrapping raffle prizes and baby shower gift wrapping. 

Make any gift or hamper look professional. Gift wrap sets consist of silver dot cellophane wrap and a large bow for hampers. Suitable for wrapping raffle prizes and all gift wrapping. Available in a large colour range, Christmas bows measure 7 inches.

  • Silver Dot Cellophane Wrap
  • Choice of Large 7" Bows

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