Christmas Chocolate Bouquet Making Kit

make your own chocolate bouquetmake your own chocolate bouquet

Christmas Chocolate Bouquet Making Kit

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  • Product Description

    Make your own Chocolate Bouquet with this Christmas DIY chocolate bouquet making kit. 

    Contains the following 5 items:

    • 1 x Red Florist Box 24cm x 17cm x 17cm (with gold "Merry Christmas" text)
    • 1 x Polystyrene Cube - 11cm x 11cm x 11cm designed to fit in bouquet boxes
    • 1 x Large 7 Inch Pull Bow (50mm wide material) - White
    • 2 Metres x 80cm clear cellophane sheet - thick 38 micron
    • 20 x Wooden bamboo 12 Inch Skewer sticks for attaching sweets or chocolate bars to your bouquet
    • As this item is pre-packaged, we can't edit the colours. If you require a different coloured bow or tissue paper, they are sold individually in our bows and tissue categories.
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  • Ideas and Guides

    How to make a chocolate hamper:

    Creating a chocolate hamper with a florist box, bow, foam, cellophane, and skewers.

    Materials you'll need:

    1. Florist box

    2. Assorted chocolates or chocolate bars

    3. Skewers or wooden sticks

    4. Cellophane or clear wrapping paper

    5. Ribbon or bow

    6. Tissue paper or shredded paper

    7. Scissors

    8. Adhesive tape or glue

    Step 1: Prepare the box

    Choose a florist box colour to hold your chocolates. If needed, you can line the bottom of the box with tissue paper or shredded paper for a decorative touch.

    Step 2: Attach skewers to chocolates

    Take the skewers or wooden sticks and attach them to the chocolates. Insert the pointed end of the skewer into the foam block. Make sure the skewer is firmly attached, and the chocolates are secure.

    Step 3: Arrange the chocolates

    Arrange the chocolates with skewers in the box. You can create a visually appealing display by varying the heights and angles of the skewers. Consider using different types of chocolates or arranging them by colour or flavour.

    Step 4: Secure the skewers

    Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, you may want to secure the skewers in place. Use adhesive tape or glue to attach the skewers to the sides or bottom of the box, ensuring that they remain in position.

    Step 5: Wrap the box with cellophane

    Before inserting the foam block into the florist box, line the box with cellophane and insert the foam block in the middle.

    Step 6: Tie a bow or ribbon

    Secure the gathered cellophane at the top of the box, just above the chocolates. Use a ribbon or bow to tie it tightly, creating a neat and attractive finish. You can choose a ribbon colour that complements the chocolates or matches the occasion. We stock every colour of pull bow, tissue, cellophane and living vases, all sold individually in our website.

    Step 7: Trim excess cellophane and fluff the bow

    Trim any excess cellophane from the top of the hamper, leaving a bit of extra length for a decorative effect. Adjust and fluff the bow or ribbon to make it look visually appealing.

    Step 8: Personalise and finish

    Consider adding a personalised note or card to the hamper, (cardettes available in our floral plastics category) expressing your best wishes or a special message. You can place it on top of the chocolates before securing the cellophane. Finally, make any final adjustments to the presentation, ensuring everything looks attractive and ready to gift.

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