Gold Scroll Cellophane and Bow Packs

Gold Scroll Cellophane and Bow Packs

Hamper Wrapping Kits

Gold Scroll Cellophane Wrap with a choice of 29 Coloured Bows:

Add the finishing touch to your gifts or hampers with a Hamper Wrapping Kit. Suitable for Christmas Hamper Wrapping, Gift Wrapping and Basket Decoration. Each pack consists of Hamper Cellophane Wrap and a large Bow. Thick and durable 35 micron florist cellophane for hampers. 

Make any gift or hamper look professional. Gift wrap kit sets consist of cellophane wrap and a large bow for hampers. Suitable for wrapping raffle prizes and decorating baby shower gifts. Available in a huge colour range, our bows measure 7 inches and add the finishing touch to any hamper, basket or gift. Bow ribbon material is 2" (50mm)

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