Oasis Floral Foam Wet Brick with Included Green Brick Tray

Oasis Floral Foam Wet Brick with Included Green Brick Tray

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  • Product Description

    Oasis Wet Florist Foam Brick with included Green Brick Tray

    Wet Floral Foam Brick for Fresh Flowers. Also included in this pack is a green brick tray. An economical piece of floral foam. Each florist foam brick measures 23cm x 11cm x 8cm. Pre-cut floral foam brick, saving you time and wastage.

    • Pre-cut shape saves time and money. 
    • Easy to insert stems. 
    • Excellent holding power.
    • Packaging may vary.

    Brick Tray Dimensions:

    • Overall external product dimensions 12.5cm width, 26cm length, 2.2cm depth.
    • Internal tray dimensions 11.4cm width, 23cm length, 2.1cm depth. Sizes Approximate.

    Brick Tray Information:

    • A strong and rigid plastic moulded tray for foam brick. Typical uses include table arrangements, funeral tributes, church displays, wedding displays and reception venue arrangements. 
  • Ideas and Guides

    Floral foam is a spongy, water-absorbing material used by florists to create stunning floral arrangements. There are various types of floral foam available in the market, each with its own unique properties and uses.

    Wet Floral Foam:

    Wet floral foam is the most commonly used type of floral foam. It is designed to absorb and hold water, making it an ideal material for creating floral arrangements. Wet foam is available in various shapes and sizes, including blocks, spheres, and cylinders. This type of foam is perfect for creating centerpieces, bouquets, and large-scale floral arrangements.

    Dry Floral Foam:

    Dry floral foam is a type of foam that is not designed to hold water. It is used primarily for creating artificial floral arrangements. Unlike wet foam, dry foam is typically a grayish colour and has a denser structure. Dry foam is often used for making permanent floral arrangements such as wreaths or permanent displays.

    Coloured Floral Foam:

    Coloured floral foam is simply wet floral foam that has been dyed to match the colour of the flowers being used in an arrangement. This type of foam is especially useful when creating centerpieces or bouquets where the foam may be visible.

    Biodegradable Floral Foam:

    Biodegradable floral foam is a relatively new type of foam that has been designed to break down naturally over time. This type of foam is made from renewable resources such as plant-based materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Biodegradable foam is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious florists

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