Christmas Austriaca Pine Cones - Pack of 20

Christmas Austriaca Pine Cones - Pack of 20

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  • Product Description

    Austriaca Pine Cones for Wreaths, Christmas Trees and Decoration - Pack of 20

    Average cone size is 5cm. Some may be larger or smaller as this is a natural Austriaca cone. 

    Decorative pine cones are ideal for wiring onto Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Flower Arrangements. Spray cones with glitter and attach them to any Christmas Tree to create unique effects. Suitable for all pine cone crafts and Christmas gift decorations

    • Natural Pine Cones
    • Each box of cones features a random mix of different sizes -
    • Cones can be easily wired, sprayed and turned into your own unique decorations
    • Use for decorating Christmas Trees, Garlands and Wreaths
  • Ideas and Guides

    Making a pine cone wreath is a fun and easy DIY project. Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful pine cone wreath.

    You will need a wire wreath frame or a spruce wreath, pine cones, floral wire, hot glue gun, and any additional decorations you may want to add to your wreath.

    Choose pine cones that are similar in size and shape, and make sure they are clean and free of debris. You can use pine cones that you gather from your yard or purchase them from our craft store.

    pine cones

    Prepare Your Pine Cones: If you gather your pine cones from outside, you will need to bake them to remove any bugs or sap. This will also help to open up the cones and make them easier to work with.

    austriaca pine cones large

    Start by attaching the pine cones to the wire wreath frame using floral wire. Wrap the wire around the base of the pine cone and then attach it to the frame. Repeat this process until the entire frame is covered with pine cones.

    pine cone wreath

    Fill in the Gaps: Once you have attached all of your pine cones, go back and fill in any gaps with smaller pine cones or other decorations. You can also use hot glue to attach additional decorations, such as ribbon, berries, or small ornaments.

    Hang Your Wreath: Finally, attach a piece of ribbon or wire to the back of your wreath and hang it on your front door or in another prominent location in your home.

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