Ribbon Types and Uses

Ribbon Types and Uses

Types of Ribbons, Materials and Uses:

Ribbon is an essential material used in various applications such as gift wrapping, crafts, decorations, and fashion. There are different types of ribbon available in the market and each type has its own unique properties and uses. Satin ribbons are smooth and lustrous, making them ideal for gift wrapping. 

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Tulle Fabric Ribbon

The name Tulle originates from the city Tulle in the Southern Central region of France. Tulle has been long known as the center of lace and silk production since the 18th Century. Tulle fabric can be made with various fibres. Typically made from Silk, Nylon Polyester and Rayon. The most common is usually Polyester with Rayon being the rarest. It is a very fine and lightweight fabric with hexagonal holes and has a delicate look to it. 


There are many uses for Tulle which include Ballet Tutu's, Veils and gowns. Modern-day uses also include delicate arts, craftwork and floral decorative designs    

There are many uses for Tulle which include Ballet Tutus, Veils and gowns. Modern-day uses also include delicate arts, craftwork and floral decorative designs. There are so many other things in which Tulle can be used. It is a very decorative material and comes in various lengths, sizes and colours. 

Tulle can give a floating wavy look when used as an undergarment such as an underskirt or petticoat.

Other uses for tulle include making small bags for wedding favors and gifts. Those with a more arts and craftwork imagination use Tulle for making Pom Poms, decorative flowers. Layering multicoloured Tulle together can create spectacular flower colours.    

Satin Ribbon

Satin Ribbon is a very popular ribbon often used as hair accessories and gift wrapping. Its available as single-sided and double-sided. Single sided satin ribbon only features the texture and colour on one side. Either ribbon can be chosen with a woven edge or cut edge. Satin ribbons are also very popular at weddings due to the silk-like appearance and low cost per metre. Satin ribbon is also one of the most popular ribbons for bespoke printing, such as adding logos or text and produces a clean print.

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These days, real Silk ribbons are still readily available. However, they can be costly in comparison to the much cheaper Satin ribbons which is made from Polyester or Nylon.

They both have a very similar appearance, so if money is no object Silk ribbon is a decadent choice. Polyester on the other hand is manufactured for the masses, is a much more affordable choice, and is a perfectly good alternative.

The Polyester type comes in two different versions. The first is 'single faced' which means it is silky to the touch and shiny in appearance on one side only. The second is 'double faced' (often referred to as double-sided') which means it has a silky touch and shine on both sides.

Both mentioned ribbons are available in two types. One where the edges are cut (cut-edge), which means it can fray down the length of the ribbon. The other is where the ribbon is woven down both length edges (woven-edge). This type of ribbon stays neat on both edges but can fray at the ends where the ribbon has been cut.

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A good way to prevent the ends of the ribbon from fraying is to cut it at an angle. As Satin ribbons are multi-purpose they make for a popular choice.

As well as being used as an accessory for hair (as a bow, bunches or a hairband) they also look lovely when used for wrapping gifts giving the gift a very classy look. The wider Satin ribbon also makes the perfect ribbon for decorating a wedding car.

Organza Wired Edge Ribbon

Organza ribbon can be used for all gift wrapping and wedding decorations. It's most popular to use it at Christmas, when it is widely used to decorate Christmas trees. It benefits from wired edges which means it can easily be wired into shape and will hold its shape. Easily cut to length, wired organza ribbon can be made into luxury bows.

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Boho Frayed Edge Ribbon

Also known as fringe ribbon or frayed edge ribbon, boho chiffon ribbon adds style to any wedding bouquet. It's also widely used for gift wrapping.

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Why Are There Different Types of Ribbon?

Ribbons are a type of decorative material that can be used to add color and texture to a variety of projects. Whether you’re creating a craft project, decorating clothing, or adding an extra touch to gift wrapping, ribbons can be used in many different ways.

There are several types of ribbons available on the market today, each with its own unique characteristics and uses. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of ribbons available and how they can be used for various crafting projects.

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Different Types of Ribbons & Their Uses

From crafting to gift wrapping, ribbons have been used in countless ways since ancient times. We will also discuss how to choose the right ribbon for your project and why they are so popular. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of how to use ribbons effectively in your projects.

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The Creative Ways You Can Use a Ribbon

Ribbons can be used in many creative ways to add a unique touch to your projects. Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up a gift, or you’re looking for an interesting way to decorate your home, ribbons offer endless possibilities. From tying bows on gifts, to creating wall hangings and more, ribbons can be used in countless ways.

How to Choose the Right Type of Ribbon for Your Project

Choosing the right type of ribbon for your project can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are looking for a decorative touch to your gift wrapping, or a durable material to make a craft project, selecting the right type of ribbon is essential. With so many types of ribbons available, it can be hard to know which one is best suited for your needs.

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Unlock Your Creativity by Exploring Different Types of Ribbons & Their Uses

Ribbons are a great way to add a unique touch to any project. With so many different types of ribbons available, it can be hard to know where to start. From satin and grosgrain, to velvet and organza, each ribbon has its own unique look and feel. By exploring the different types of ribbons and their uses, you can unlock your creativity and create beautiful projects that stand out from the rest.

Ribbons come in a variety of materials, here's the pros and cons of the most popular ribbon materials

Silk Ribbon:


  • Silk is known for its incredibly soft and smooth texture
  • Has a natural sheen and drapes beautifullySilk has a natural sheen that adds to its elegance and sophistication. It also drapes beautifully, making it a popular choice for evening wear and formal occasions.
  • Absorbs moisture well, making it comfortable to wear in hot weather: Silk has the ability to absorb moisture, which helps keep the skin cool and dry, making it comfortable to wear in warm weather.


  • Expensive: Silk is one of the most expensive fabrics on the market due to its luxurious texture and natural properties.
  • Can be delicate and difficult to care for: Silk requires special care when washing and drying, and may need to be dry cleaned to avoid damage.
  • May wrinkle easily: Silk is prone to wrinkling, which can be difficult to remove without causing damage.
  • May require dry cleaning: Due to its delicate nature, silk may require dry cleaning, which can add to the cost of owning and caring for silk garments.

Satin Ribbon:


  • Smooth and silky texture with a lustrous sheen: Satin is known for its smooth and silky texture, which has a lustrous sheen that adds to its appeal.
  • Durable and easy to care for: Satin is a durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear, and is easy to care for.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and prints: Satin is available in a wide range of colors and prints, making it a versatile choice for clothing and home décor.
  • Can be less expensive than silk: Satin is often less expensive than silk, making it a more affordable option for those who want a silky look and feel.


  • Not as breathable as silk: Satin is not as breathable as silk, which can make it less comfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Can be slippery and may not stay in place as well: Satin can be slippery, which may cause it to shift or slide around, making it less ideal for certain garments or items.
  • May require special care when washing: Satin may require special care when washing to avoid damage or shrinkage.

Nylon Ribbon:


  • Strong and durable: Nylon is a strong and durable fabric that can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for clothing and accessories.
  • Lightweight and quick-drying: Nylon is a lightweight fabric that dries quickly, making it ideal for outdoor activities or wet environments.
  • Resistant to wrinkles, shrinkage, and mildew: Nylon is resistant to wrinkles, shrinkage, and mildew, making it a low-maintenance fabric.
  • Easy to care for and can be machine washed: Nylon is easy to care for and can be machine washed, making it a convenient choice for those who want low-maintenance clothing.


  • Not as breathable as natural fibers: Nylon is not as breathable as natural fibers, which can make it less comfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Nylon can be static-prone, which can be annoying or uncomfortable for some people.
  • Nylon may pill over time, which can give it a worn or shabby appearance.

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