Decorating Your Own Hamper Basket

Decorating Your Own Hamper Basket

Decorating Hampers / How to Pack a Hamper

What is a Gift Hamper and Why Make Your Own?

Gift hampers are a great way to show someone you care. They are a unique, thoughtful, and creative way to express your love and appreciation for someone special. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, creating your own gift hamper is an excellent way to make the recipient feel extra special. 

Not only do they get to enjoy the contents of the hamper but also appreciate the time and effort you put into making it. With so many options available on the market today, you can customize your own gift hamper with items that fit the person’s personality and interests. This makes them even more meaningful and memorable!

Creating the perfect homemade hamper doesn't have to be a daunting task. With this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to assemble a unique and thoughtful gift for your loved ones in no time. 

Choosing the Best Gifts & Gourmet Delights for Your Hamper

  • When it comes to selecting the best gifts and gourmet delights for your hamper, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 
  • Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, so it’s important to take the time to consider what type of items would make the perfect gift basket.
  • From gourmet chocolates and cheeses to specialty teas and coffees, there are plenty of delicious options available that will make anyone smile. With careful consideration and a bit of creativity, you can create a hamper that is sure to be appreciated by all!

First you need to choose a hamper base and type. We stock a wide selection of hamper bases, baskets and trays including:

Woven Baskets with Handles, Wicker or Seagrass Baskets, Wooden Boxes, Crates & Trays, Hat Boxes and Stackable Gift Boxes

What are hamper kits?

Hamper kits are a great way to present gifts and presents not only at Christmas but throughout the year too. 

The traditional hamper basket is usually made from natural wicker with leather fastening straps and lid hinges. These wicker hamper baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many are already lined with a decorative material where you simply add your gifts. Some wicker hamper baskets can be expensive but there are many other cheaper ways to create a decorative hamper using some simple basic materials.hamper basket cellophane

Not all of us are creatively imaginative and can find it difficult to visualise a finished product. However, making your own display hamper doesn't require too much thought. 

Whether you choose to use the traditional wicker basket or a used cardboard box the method is basically the same.

fabric hamper picnic fruit basket

Using a traditional wicker hamper basket:

What is Wicker?

Natural Wicker comes from plants such as Willow, Rattan, Reed and Bamboo. It is known for its durability, strength and pliability. It has been used for centuries going back as far as ancient Egypt and is used to make patio furniture, baskets, chests and chairs. It requires skilled workers to make these items and is often taught in Arts and Craft work classes.

Decide which size and shape hamper basket is suitable for your requirements. If you only have a few items to put inside the basket then obviously you'll only want a small basket. We recommend not to cram too many gifts inside the a basket. Its all about the visual effect and the items you choose to put inside the basket and should be nestled between the inner filler of your choice.

wicker hamper basket tray large

Using a cardboard box:

If a wicker basket isn't within your budget, then using a used cardboard box can make an equally decorative alternative.

Cardboard boxes come in many different shapes, sizes and readily available from just about anywhere (they're usually free). The technique in making a hamper display with a used box is very much the same principle as using a wicker basket. The only difference is that you'll probably need to decorate the box first.

For those more craft minded this can be done using either craft paint, tissue paper and or cellophane. For a more natural look, wrapping the box with brown paper or decorate with gift wrapping paper. Using your imagination can give a very personal touch to the person your presenting the hamper to.

Choosing your filler.

What is Raffia?

natural 1kg raffia bundle

Natural raffia is the preferred filling choice of hampers. Natural raffia is harvested from the membrane on the underside of the leaves on the raffia (Raphia) Palm. This natural product is used locally for making mats, baskets, placemats, hats and shoes. It can be woven together then dried to make rope.

Unlike straw which when dry becomes brittle, raffia is pliable and strong. It has a light natural colour and compliments wicker baskets as a filler. 

Woodwool, also known as Excelsior is another type of filling for hamper baskets. This comes from the slivers of cut logs in North America. Like raffia, it has many other uses including stuffing, padding for upholstery. It is also sometimes used in Taxidermy.

 Other fillers can include coloured tissue paper, brown paper or decorative cellophane scrunched up.

The presentation

Once you have chosen your hamper type and filling, now is the time to decorate and finish it off. 

Cellophane, ribbons and bows are typically used for this process. Of course, there are many different hamper presentations, themes and colours to choose from. The choices are endless.

Cellophane wrapping comes in various colours and designs for every requirement. Usually, only a length of 2 to 3 metres of cellophane is required to cover your basket/box. The majority of cellophane available in the UK marketplace is 80cm in width. Depending on the size of your hamper will determine what length of cellophane you'll need.

Your hamper basket sits on top of the cellophane wrap and is then wrapped up around the sides and gathered on the top. This is then sellotaped or tied together. Where the cellophane is tied is the usual place to use a decorative bow or ribbon.

There are so many types of bows and ribbon available to choose from in many materials and colours. Again, the choice is vast and you should use your imagination in choosing your bow and ribbon.

red hamper satin basket ribbon

Bows can be made using any floral ribbon or a special ribbon called pull bows are available. These are bows that are already crimped for making bows. They are easy to use and simple to make using the two cords between the ribbon. 

hamper wrapped in cellophane


There are many suggestions and tips readily available on floral forums and video's on other social media platforms to help.

Here are a few suggestions of the materials you'll require for making your hamper.

1, Wicker basket or cardboard box

2, Raffia, woodwool, tissue paper, cellophane scrunch, brown paper

3, Cellophane wrapping

4, Floral ribbon, pull bow, jute twine, organza ribbon, grosgrain ribbon.

You then need to choose the important elements of what your hamper is going to be filled with. Popular ideas are Shortbread, Artificial Flowers, Candles, Soft Toys, Wine, Reed Diffusers and Scented Candles.  You can also fill it with perfumes and soaps.

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