Deco Mesh Wreath Making

Deco Mesh Wreath Making

DIY Wreath Making Using Deco Mesh: Use it to spruce up your fireplace, doorway, or mantel 

Today, we're going to show you how to make an elegant deco mesh wreath for your front door. This wreath is perfect for any season or occasion, and it's really easy to make. 

Deco mesh is a type of mesh fabric that is most commonly used in crafting and decor projects. It is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes, making it a versatile material for many different applications. Some of the most common uses for deco mesh include: Wreaths, Garlands, Floral arrangements and Table decorations. No matter what your project, there is a deco mesh that is perfect for it. With so many different types of deco mesh on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. In this article, we will break down the different types of deco mesh and their uses, so you can find the perfect one for your next project. There are over 70 types available. The most popular sizes are 6 Inch, 10 Inch and 21 Inch wide Deco Mesh. You can choose use deco mesh ribbon in 6cm wide and available in striped patterns and metallic.

deco mesh bundle 10 inch

What You'll Need:

  • A wire wreath frame - usually circular, star or heart shaped and available in our Christmas category.
  • A roll of deco mesh 
  • A hot glue gun (optional)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Accessories such as baubles.

What is the difference between Deco Mesh and Poly Mesh?

  • Deco Mesh is a poly-based product with no foil elements. It stands out due to its strip variation - some of which are wider than others, giving it a unique nubby finish and texture. Vertical line mesh offers an enhanced visual appeal compared to other mesh styles, with a range of colours and sizes available.
  • Poly Burlap Mesh is an ideal choice when you are looking for the appearance of burlap but desire a more durable poly material. It gives the same look as Deco Paper Mesh and Poly Jute Mesh, making it a great alternative. Poly Mesh is a great choice due to its sturdy and waterproof nature. Plus, it has a unique burlap-like appearance. Burlap Mesh is a type of plastic mesh that looks and feels like burlap fabric but is waterproof. It's really thick, providing an extra layer of protection against weather damage.

burlap deco mesh

Above: Burlap Deco Mesh

Step-by-Step Instructions:

First, you need to decide on a colour theme. Colours are usually decided by season, autumn and Christmas are the most popular themes.

1. Start by wrapping the deco mesh around the wire frame.

Start by wrapping the deco mesh around the wire frame. Make sure to overlap the edges of the mesh so that the frame is completely covered. Once you have wrapped the frame, use the floral wire to secure the end of the mesh. You can then begin to add your floral elements to the frame. Start with the largest elements and work your way down to the smaller ones. Use the floral wire to secure each element in place. When you're finished, your frame should be covered in beautiful flowers!

2. Continue wrapping the mesh until the entire frame is covered.

Continue wrapping the mesh around the frame until the entire frame is covered. Make sure to overlap the mesh so that there are no gaps. Once the frame is covered, trim the excess mesh and secure it in place with tape.

3. Cut the mesh, leaving a few inches extra.

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the mesh from the top of the fabric down to the bottom. When cutting, be sure to leave a few inches of extra mesh on each side so that you can later secure it to the frame.

4. Use hot glue to secure the end of the mesh to the frame.

Cut a piece of mesh that is slightly larger than the opening in the frame. Hot glue the end of the mesh to the frame, making sure that the end is secured and that there are no gaps.

5. Take your ribbon and make a bow. Attach the bow to the wreath with hot glue.

6. Hang your wreath on your front door and enjoy!

Wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays. They add a touch of festive cheer to any door, and they make a great project for families to work on together. If you're looking for a fun and easy holiday craft, why not try making your own wreath?

There are all sorts of wreaths you can make, from simple grapevine wreaths decorated with ribbons to more elaborate wreaths with pinecones and berries. You can even make wreaths out of non traditional materials like recycled paper or fabric scraps. Whatever type of wreath you choose to make, Hang your wreath on your front door and enjoy!


If you're using ribbon, choose a color that coordinates with the mesh. This will help the wreath look more put-together. 

 Add some flowers or other decorations to the wreath for a pop of color. - Use different colors of mesh for a rainbow effect. - Make a mini wreath to use as a gift tag or place card holder. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make an elegant deco mesh wreath. These wreaths are so pretty and easy to make, and they make a great addition to any home.

Materials Required: 
Twisting ties
Artificial glitter stems
Floral Pins
Ornaments and trimming
INERRA Deco Mesh Fabric
Coloured Ribbon
Deco mesh material is durable and waterproof so it can be used indoors or out. Ensure you don’t place the wreath in direct sunlight or it will start fading. 

deco mesh wreath

How to Cut Deco Mesh and Keep Mesh From Fraying

Deco mesh is prone to fraying. But don't worry, there are various methods you can follow to reduce or even prevent it altogether.

If you need to cut mesh for your project, it's best to use an alternative method than scissors. You should carefully measure out how much mesh you need and put it on a heat-proof surface. You can also mark where you want the cut to be made with a marker for precision.

A traditional soldering iron with a pointed tip can do the job, but for faster work, you should use something with a flat and wide tip like a flat-head screwdriver.

Press the tip of the soldering iron against the deco mesh. The wider edge of the iron's tip should be parallel to the end of the mesh. This way, you'll have more surface area to cut with. Hold it there for a few seconds until it melts through the fibres.

To effectively cut deco mesh, press the tip of a soldering iron against it, with the wider side parallel to the end. When using an iron to melt through fibres, it is important to make sure you have a larger area for the job. You should also hold the hot iron in place for a few seconds until the heat has melted everything through.

  • To ensure optimal usage, it is advised to insert the tip of your tool or instrument in between two fibres.
  • For a better result, move the iron in a in a back and forwards motion to make sure it properly cuts through the mesh.
  • Begin cutting your deco mesh from the outside edge
  • Work your way across the deco mesh. Lift the soldering iron and move it across the mesh to the next un-cut segment. Press it down again, and rock it back and forth until it cuts through the mesh.
  • You don't want to cut the mesh because it will fray.
  • The surface must be hard, otherwise the soldering iron won't cut through the mesh. It must be heat-safe too, otherwise you'll create a fire hazard
  • Working with deco mesh can be a tricky task, but it doesn't have to be! With the right tools and techniques, you can easily work your way across the mesh and create beautiful decorations.

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