Black Double Sided Satin Ribbon 10mm

black 10mm ribbon satinblack 10mm ribbon satin

Black Double Sided Satin Ribbon 10mm

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  • Product Description

    Black 10mm Double Sided Satin Ribbon

    Full 25 Metre Roll

    Luxury ribbon for florist, crafts, Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, bouquet, flowers and tree decorations. Benefit from a smooth and shiny appearance on both sides. 10mm x 25m rolls, available as single rolls or bulk quantities. Suited for all craft and sewing projects. Double sided satin ribbon is the ideal choice for decorations as both sides of the ribbon are smooth and coloured, unlike single-sided ribbon which has only one smooth, coloured side. When both sides of the ribbon will be on show, such as on clothing, garments and florist bouquets, choose double sided satin ribbon.

    Each roll measures 10mm x 25 Metres, simply select the amount of rolls you require below.

  • Ideas and Guides

    Choosing the best ribbon for embroidery will depend on the specific project you have in mind and the effect you want to achieve. Here are some commonly used ribbons for embroidery:

    • Satin ribbon: This is a popular choice for embroidery as it has a smooth and shiny surface that catches the light beautifully. Satin ribbon is available in a wide range of colours and widths, making it a versatile ribbon choice for many projects.

    • Silk ribbon: Silk ribbon is another popular choice for embroidery, especially for delicate designs. It has a soft and lustrous finish that adds a touch of luxury to any project.

    • Organza ribbon: Organza ribbon is a sheer and lightweight ribbon that is often used for creating a delicate effect. It is available in a range of colours and widths.

    • Grosgrain ribbon: Grosgrain ribbon has a ribbed texture that adds a bit of interest and dimension to embroidery. It is a durable ribbon that comes in a range of colours and widths.

    • Velvet ribbon: Velvet ribbon has a soft and plush texture that adds a luxurious touch to embroidery. It is available in a range of colors and widths.

    Ultimately, the best ribbon for your embroidery project will depend on the effect you want to achieve and the type of design you are creating. Consider the colour, width, texture, and overall look of the ribbon before making your selection.

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