12 inch / 29cm Florist Craft Polystyrene Wreath Ring Frame

polystyrene wreath ring frame 12 inchpolystyrene wreath ring frame 12 inch

12 inch / 29cm Florist Craft Polystyrene Wreath Ring Frame

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  • Product Description

    12 inch / 29cm Polystyrene Florist Wreath Ring

    •  Lightweight design, suitable for painting. Can also be used for clay modelling & paper maché. 
    • 12 inch / 29cm diameter - Flat Backed
    • Sizes are approximate (+ or - 0.5 inch)
  • Ideas and Guides

    Materials for making a wreath using artificial foliage:

    1. Wreath form (can be made of wire or foam)

    2. Artificial foliage (leaves, branches, flowers, etc.)

    3. Floral wire

    4. Wire cutters

    5. Ribbon - we recommend using burlap or hessian (optional)


    • Choose the wreath form size and shape you want to work with. Foam wreath forms are great for securing the foliage with pins or floral wire, while wire forms work well with floral wire.
    • Cut the artificial foliage into manageable pieces, making sure each piece has a stem long enough to wrap around the wreath form.
    • Start by attaching the first piece of foliage to the wreath form using floral wire. Place it in the desired position and wrap the wire tightly around the stem to secure it to the wreath form. Continue adding pieces of foliage, overlapping them slightly to create a full and textured look.
    • Work your way around the entire wreath form, adding foliage until you achieve your desired look. If you're working with different types of foliage, alternate between them to create a varied and interesting texture.
    • Once you've finished adding foliage, trim any stray stems or wires and make sure all the pieces are securely attached to the wreath form.
    • If desired, add a bow or ribbon to the wreath by tying it around the top or bottom of the wreath.


    Play around with the placement of the foliage to create a balanced and visually appealing design.

    1. Use wire cutters to trim the stems of the artificial foliage if they are too long.

    2. If you're working with foam wreath forms, use floral pins or hot glue to secure the foliage in place.

    3. If you're using a wire wreath form, be sure to wrap the floral wire tightly around the stems to ensure the foliage stays in place.

    4. Consider adding additional elements to your wreath, such as pine cones, berries, or other decorations that match the season or occasion.

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